Dear sir,

Just a brief note to say THANK YOU for your superb service. This is our
second purchase from you and I'd gladly recommend your company to
anyone. You obviously have a policy to treat us like real people rather
than cash symbols - it's really quite refreshing. Even when we had
almost decided on a property, you didn't push for a sale and were quite
happy to show us others - your time and patience goes above and beyond
the norm in this minefield of a buiness - full of untrustworthy and
greedy companies. You even tried to negotiate a discount and get extras
from the developer AFTER we had agreed to buy (with some success I might
add) - wow!

I'm happy for you to publish this on your web site as I'm sure other
buyers will want to know your company will look after their interests
first - a rarity these days.

Regards and thanks again,
R Connor,