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What you get by advertising with

Maximum exposure through our multi channel tools that can reach
real buyers for your property from all around the world.

Professional assistance and advise covering every step of the
selling process, from the moment of advertising till completion time.

Appointing chartered Surveyors on your behalf that can help you
advertise at the correct price, having in mind the most recent sales
in your area.

Above all “RESPECT” We know that selling your house can be a very
stressful procedure. You can count on us for a friendly and above
all Human approach.

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Real Estate Tools
An effective, straight to the point yet simple and user friendly portal bringing sellers and buyers closer. Full detailed listings with photos, descriptions, floor plans and all necessary information for a successful purchase/sale.

Print Media
A wide range of Printed Media (Brochures, Catalogues as well as Magazine and Newspaper inserts) distributed in Cyprus and abroad.

Electronic Media
TV and Radio commercial in Cyprus and abroad with more than 100,000 viewers and listeners daily.

Property Exhibitions
Participation in major property exhibitions and Road Shows covering the UK, Russia, Germany and other selected countries.

Window Displays and Stands
Found in all our shops around Cyprus and in selected areas with major traffic.

For Sale Signs
For Sale Signs in selected properties where maximum exposure is required.

On Highways and near Airports familiarising prospective buyers with ClickHomeCyprus and services offered.

Direct Marketing
A more personal approach involving the delivery and distribution of advertising materials via mailing lists, door to door and postcode distribution.

A selection of well established and reliable associates both in Cyprus and abroad.

E-mail and SMS Alerts
Targeting selected companies and individuals informing them about new listings matching their criteria (upon request).