What to consider when remodelling your homes

When you say you want to start remodelling your home sometime soon, that is a rather broad way of describing what you want done. You have to be more specific about your remodelling plans so that the contractor knows exactly what you want to achieve in this home makeover project.

The sub-project of bathroom remodelling includes new vanity, new sink, new faucet, new bathtub, new shower walls, new shower doors, new vinyl flooring - at the very least, that is. You may also need to have a new toilet, new water closet, new mirror, and new medicine cabinet integrated into your bathroom layout as well. Whew! And that's just the bathroom for starters.

In kitchen remodelling, you may need new countertops (like granite countertops which stand up very well under wear and tear due to its sturdiness) or perhaps new kitchen cabinets. A new kitchen sink may also be warranted if your old one has stains that won't come out even with the toughest detergents and regular scrubbing on your behalf, or if it has rusty parts that may prove dangerous if young hands get too close.

Acoustic ceiling removal may prove necessary before you have recessed lighting installed in your living room and dining room. Recessed lighting is great for showcasing the interior details of your house, including the new carpeting you may have had installed. New dual paned windows or retrofit windows might look good here as well.

Regardless of how you want to conduct remodelling of your home, you will probably need the professional services of an experienced and knowledgeable contractor (unless you have extensive experience in home makeovers yourself and want to make the home remodelling a DIY project instead.)

The rule of thumb when hiring any contractor is: make sure everything you ask the contractor to do for you is stipulated in a written agreement that both parties have signed. This also protects the contractor so that he gets paid for everything that he does for you.

When you ask the contractor to purchase the materials for the home makeover, you should list down what sizes, colours, models and/or brands should be bought. This cuts down on any misunderstandings and assures you that you get what you asked for.

The labour aspect is another sticking point. You should come to a definite agreement with the contractor as to how many people he should have in his team, how long they should work on the project, and what happens if the team doesn't finish the project on schedule (meaning, do you wind up paying for the additional days or not?)

A good contractor will provide a warranty for the work that he and his team finished for you. This way, if evidence of shoddy work shows up later on, you can hold him to the warranty and get the mistakes redone (without you having to pay extra money to him.)

By the way, who will handle disposal of trash and any debris that is produced by the home makeover project? There are contractors who include that in the service though there may be projects where you have to find a hauler who will cart away your debris and trash for you instead. Clarify this beforehand as well.

It is also helpful if there is a stipulation in your contract permitting you a grace period before the project starts so that if you change your mind, you can always bow out gracefully without spending a cent or incurring the hire of the contractor.

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Remodelling your rooms

Remodelling of rooms such as bathrooms might be long drawn as it might involve taking out the sink or toilet; whereas, others would be much simple. Designing the remodelling specs is the most important task that you will undertake. This task can be the most complicated since you need to detail everything about your remodelling plans so that you can bid the project out to a contractor.

Remodelling projects often yield materials that can be valuable in the project or to someone else. If you have the time and temperament to do it on your own, home improvement remodelling could be carried out by you, though it is normally carried out by a contractor. Whether you are remodelling it for your eyes or to seal a real bargain, every effort is worth its effort when it concerns your sweet home. A nice and relatively affordable alternate to bathroom remodelling classes are bathroom remodelling books. Despite the fact that bathroom remodelling books are full of valuable information, you may be wondering whether or not they are really worth the buy.

Whether you want a roof replacement, an additional room, or simply some kitchen remodelling, when you are considering hiring a contractor to take on an improvement project on your home you need to consider your choice carefully. Kitchens continue to expand and bathrooms progress with obtaining more luxurious elements; both remaining highly desirable and popular remodelling projects. However, home improvement industry experts are reporting a surge in specific remodelling trend themes. Current remodelling projects are witnessing a dramatic emphasis on creating speciality areas to fit individual family member needs.

It is not unusual to find remodelling projects that result in the creation of very specific areas for each member of the household. For instance, it is not unusual to find a husband and wife who undertake a small remodelling project that separates one large walk-in closet area into two small but separate walk-in closets, defining the space for each individual within a restricted master bedroom space. Home remodelling market is booming, but only about half of the homeowners involved are joining the do-it-yourself movement, opting instead for the assurance a professional contractor seems to offer.

To start with, like any other domestic chore, home improvement remodelling also calls for budgeting. Make an extensive list on the improvements in your mind and the approximate cost involved. In case your financial position is bleak, put off the decision for a while and save the required money to pay for your home improvement remodelling. A growing number of homeowners are acting as the general contractor or owner- builder for their own home improvement project.

Change is one of the more common reasons that homeowners use for remodelling. Once you have made up your mind and have enough resources to go ahead with the home improvement remodelling, always take a break and inspect the house in detail.

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Remodelling your living room

Remodelling can be accomplished by just rearranging your things and changing only a few things. Remodelling projects can easily cost thousands of pounds, making selection of the right contractor very important. Remodelling or decorating your living room doesn't just mean to throw away items and add furniture pieces to the living room but how you arrange what you already have in the room.

Remodelling contractors should also have personal liability, worker's compensation, and property damage coverage. Design and build is where the remodelling contractor will review your remodelling project requirements and provide design plans in addition to remodelling services. A remodelling contractor is defined as anyone who owns, operates, maintains, conducts, controls or transacts a home improvement business and undertakes or offers to undertake or agrees to perform any home improvement.

In other words, if you receive an offer to build on, repair, or remodel your home or apartment for a fee, you're dealing with a remodelling contractor. Not all states have licensing requirements for remodelling contractors, so it is important for consumers to be aware of the law in their state.

For most houses, the living room is the first place in the house that is seen upon entering the main door. In the past, living room or the parlour was the place with formal settings to welcome the honoured guests. Consider remodelling the room for a fresher, new look. You can start remodelling by changing the carpet or rug to a brighter, more colourful and lively alternative.

The same applies to other fixtures and appliances that may be in the living room. Choose a material that is light in colour for a brighter effect in your living room. If you are thinking of having a new living room colour, perhaps a lighter one, you can repaint the walls yourself. Faux finish will give your living room an artistic look. There are many sources where you can find more budget ideas for your living room, such as like magazines and newspapers.

The most common furniture pieces found in the living room are sofas, love seat, sofa with chairs in different combinations, coffee table, end tables, ottomans, benches, shelves and perhaps a desk and bookshelves. If the living space is also used as a family room, you can also find TV and entertainment centre in the room along with accessories, lighting, art and crafts on display and may be carpets. An extra large living room may accommodate a piano, eating area complete with dining table, tennis or billiard table or even a number of plants, if your living space receives lots of direct sunlight.

Whether you are planning to build, remodel or add-on, your home improvement project may require the services of a remodelling contractor. Living room can use maximum number of furnishings and it is a challenge to fit in all the desirable furnishings and accessories and co-ordinate them with carpeting, wall colour, crown mouldings, lighting style and window treatments among many other things.

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Bathroom Remodelling Tips

Bathroom remodelling is easy for homeowners because the room is much smaller than many of the other rooms in their home. Only bathroom additions beat bathroom remodelling with returns over 90 percent. Many people will also opt to spread out their bathroom remodelling plan over a period of time, until they finally reach their dream goal.

While doing bathroom remodelling, it is best to make rough draft on paper using a realistic scale. This bathroom drafting will guide you in making your choices and help you to decide what to buy and what not to buy while doing bathroom remodelling. A bathroom-remodelling project is also the perfect chance to upgrade the plumbing systems, fix weak water pressure, or replace leaky faucets.

One of the most important things you will need to know when you begin your bathroom remodelling adventure is how to incorporate a bathtub soffit into your new master, half, or full bathroom. A new bathtub can be key to any bathroom remodelling or renovation project Bathtubs come in four basic styles--recessed, corner, drop-in, and free-standing--which reflect their installation methods. But as your bathroom remodelling project moves forward, you may find that the brand new tile wall you spent a week putting up needs a towel bar or a toilet paper holder.

Bathroom remodel plans do make place for an exhaust fan with a heater along with a timer as well. Bathroom remodelling takes time, careful planning, and precise execution. A recent study showed that an average bathroom remodel can cost a significant amount of money, but a great percentage of that investment may return to the homeowner upon resale of the home. Dual showerheads, stereo speakers, whirlpool tubs, and wall installation of television sets can all add luxury as well as value to a bathroom. A flowering plant can be placed atop a pedestal to add freshness and life to a bathroom and cost very little.

Simple accessories such as small, framed prints, decorative dishes with coloured soaps, or even a small wall shelf with collectibles can enhance a bathroom décor without physical or financial burden. On a larger scale, a new bathroom mirror can add to or change an old look. On a larger scale, a new bathroom mirror can add to or change an old look. A vanity is also an excellent addition to a bathroom, as it offers ample storage in an otherwise wasted space. In any remodelling project, specific blueprints should be drawn up and measurements made to ensure shower doors may be opened, toilets can be accessed with ample legroom, and bathroom doors can open freely and completely.

If you are still unsure of what you would like to accomplish, you can browse the Internet for various message boards that can put you in touch with other users who are also in the process of bathroom remodelling. Also, don't neglect to ask friends and family members for any of their tips and tricks that they too have used for their own bathroom remodelling projects.

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Tips on purchasing tile for your home improvement

There are so many various types of tiles available in today's market that a few tips can be handy to wading through the selection possibilities.

Any guide to purchasing tile will usually start by advising you to measure the area that you are planning to cover with tile. Be sure to measure it very carefully. When you are doing your tile shopping, the amount of tile needed to complete your job will, of course, depend on the size of the area. It is generally best to translate the area into square feet as this is the most common way to determine the quantity needed. Be careful, however, with your math when making the purchase.

The second step is to determine the type of material that you want to use. Certain materials are not as appropriate for various jobs as others are. Marble, for example, tends to easily adsorb liquids and discolour. This makes it a rather poor choice for a kitchen counter top. Some other high grade expensive tiles tend to scratch easily and would not make a very good choice for floor tiles in a high traffic area. Once you have made a material selection that is appropriate for the job and know the square footage that you must cover, you are ready to begin the shopping phase.

You should make a list of suppliers in your area. You can prepare a comparison price list. Remember to make a separate comparison for material costs only. This is the cost of the actual tiles them and would not include installation. You should treat installation as a separate item.

The actual job of installation can be done by a contractor or you can do it yourself if you have the ability and confidence to do it. If you are pricing a contractor, be very sure to make sure they have experience with the type of material you have selected. Also make sure they are aware of the exact square footage of the job.

Tile pricing will vary widely based on the material. As in many other decorating areas, there are ways to save money. You can look for sales and for discontinued items. When you have established a good relationship with a supplier, you might be able to take advantage of order cancellations and overstocks. These can result in substantial savings.

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Easily redecorate your bathroom on a tight budget

Bathroom decorating on a budget can achieve professional results if the person doing the decorating is willing to put the effort into it. It's a trade-off, what budget decorating saves in materials can be put into the time it takes to do the job correctly for that professional finish. At the end of the day it's worth a little more time and effort to create your perfect bathroom.

Decorating a bathroom on a budget often means improving what is already there. The easiest way to start making changes is by using stain. Staining old cupboards can make them look current and spruce them up. Staining can also be used on furniture and other wooden items. Matching all the staining in a room can make a small bathroom seem larger, especially if using a light stain. Be aware that darker colours and stains can make the room look smaller.

Using tiles for decorating a bathroom on a budget is a smart idea. Tiles can be purchased for very little money, especially if they are bought in bulk. By taking your time to install the tiles you should be able to get a very professional look at a fraction of the price. Purchasing a book specifically geared towards installing tile yourself will help ensure a high-quality final product and many DIY stores have advice sheets for laying tiles.

The technique you choose for laying the tile is also important. Mosaic designs that are done perfectly look designer in quality, but they can be quite labour intensive. With a more traditional layout, it is important to set tile evenly in straight lines and with equal amounts of calking or grout. Be sure to take your time and give it your best effort. You will be richly rewarded with a good looking and long lasting finish.
To make the room look even more professionally finished use textured tiles, painted tiles, or large tiles to lend a more polished effect. Use these unique and more expensive tiles as a border or accent. Textured, painted, or large sized tiles may be found at whole sale or discount stores, or you can get a great deal on discontinued styles.

Paint is relatively inexpensive and can be used to entirely redecorate a bathroom. Make sure you buy a high quality paint. Although you may be tempted to buy budget paint this is a false economy as the finish may take more coats, not look as good and not be as long lasting.

You can get expert painting results in less time that you think. For example, use textured rollers to create a pattern in the paint, layering colours to create designer effects. Or create designs such as lattice work, or a two toned look with a border. Using any amount of colours when implementing these designs can create depth which also looks more expensive than it actually is. In this way you can spruce up a bathroom but it won't cost a lot of money.

Decorating a bathroom on a budget can be easy and give very high-end results. Taking the time to learn about a method and following through with time and effort will make the bathroom look like it was decorated by a professional designer. But it will cost little enough to suit almost every budget.

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