How we started, where we are heading

ClickHomeCyprus started as an idea between a number of people who used to work for Real Estate related business for a period of years and all shared the same believe that “prospective buyers should be given all necessary tools so that they can choose the correct property at the right price”.

I was lucky enough to be a part of this group and even luckier to be the managing director of these amazing people that make ClickHomeCyprus what is today.

We tried to use the latest internet based technology in creating an effective and straight to the point yet simple and user friendly portal bringing buyers and sellers together. With the experience we gained through the years in this rather difficult and competitive business we try not only to provide a database of properties but go a step further and assist prospective buyers with any piece of advise and help they might need during and after the whole process.

I believe that any person dealing with the Property Market should be aware of the importance of his role. Buying or selling a property is one of the most important steps a family or an individual is taking. By understanding this it is very easy to realise that only by being a real professional can you actually assist people by providing them with all necessary tools to understand the property market and help them determine and satisfy their needs in full.

As we always try to improve our selves and our service I can say that for us reaching one goal is always the starting point of another. Our targets for the future are really very simple. To expand and develop our business using the latest technology available without neglecting the actual reasons that made us create ClickHome.

The Director,

Stavros Papadouris